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Chianciano Terme
Surrounded by the green Tuscan hills, is carefullied lay down in a hill, to approximately 550 mt. above sea level.
Easy caught up from all Italy for its favorable geographic position, it is still today encircled by centuries-old woods, which naturally preserved in the time, the ecosystem and the hydro-geological system. In harmony with the surrounding territory, the town beyond to the therapeutic virtues of its thermal waters, and also conserving a territory with numerous parks, panoramic views and an ancient Etruscan and Renaissance history, it can offer more very.
    Thermal Village
Chianciano therefore, but also the surrounding territory, is studs to you from thermal source infinity of which the man in the time to known to capture of the benefits; and today, online with the needs and demands of a clientele that is more and more wellbeing-conscious, they are renewed without to abandon of the origins. The recent unification of the Acqua Santa and Fucoli parks for example has allowed for the creation of one of the most accomplished and successful examples of Thermal Village throughout Europe; the facility provides mineral water therapies using the famous water called Acqua Santa, particularly suited to the cure of various kinds of liver disorders, and the Fucoli water, suited to improve the digestive process, due to the fact that it has anti-inflammatory properties.
    Sensory SPA
Since September 22nd 2006, Chianciano Terme has played host to the brand-new Sensory SPA. Built in the Acquasanta Thermal Park, this facility, unique in Italy, offers therapies based on the criteria of naturopathy.
A futuristic sensory hall has been created in the former area of the Sala Garboli within the Acquasanta Park. Here visitors can sample different sensory trails in order to regain balance of their human energy field through the harmonization of the five key elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Ether), by going along a spiral path built within a 'magic box' perfectly integrated in the Acquasanta Park.
Paolo Bodega is the designer of this brand-new facility that brings together the rebalancing of chackras - our body's energy centers - and state-of-the-art architectural solutions that also include a renovation of ancient thermal springs. Among the therapies administered in the facility, which are part of tailor-made trails designed to cure various types of pathologies: saline shower, sauna, aroma and music therapy, energetic grotto, color baths, cold fog shower, Kneipp water therapy, stimulating balneotherapy, Turkish bath, tropical shower.
The Sensory Spa also includes an energetic pyramid and a completely soundproof room. Underneath the Sensory Hall there is an area where visitors can touch and manipulate different types of thermal muds. At the end of this regenerating trail it is also possible to drink thermal waters from ancient springs - Macerina, Capecchi and Casuccini - which are perfectly integrated in this process of energetic rebalancing.

Montepulciano Spa
The Montepulciano Spa are located only 3 km. away from Chianciano in the S. Albino hamlet, surrounded by a wonderful landscape. The modern Spa Complex boasts state-of-the-art therapeutic facilities and takes advantage of the healing properties of sulphurous waters collected 132 m. below the ground and piped directly to the facilities. They are particularly beneficial in case of sinusitis, pharyngitis, and bronchitis, using both the inhalation therapy and the aerosol therapy. Moreover, thanks to the coming together of spa therapies and rehabilitative medicine, a brand-new Vascular and Orthopedic Rehabilitation Center was created a few years ago; it includes a thermal swimming pool with whirlpool bath and vascular tracks, as well as rehabilitation gyms, which have turned the local spa into one of the major centers for rehabilitation after orthopedic and vascular surgery as well as for sport traumatology.

Bagno Vignoni
Bagno Vignoni is nowadays famous and appreciated all around the world as an outstanding health spa, surrounded by landscapes of stunning beauty, right at the center of the "Parco Artistico Naturale e Culturale della Val d'Orcia" (Orcia Valley's Art, Nature, and Culture Park). Besides its thermal waters, the most characteristic feature of Bagno Vignoni is its spa facility, which has remained unchanged through time. The water that surfaces in the main square of the town is very hot, with a temperature of 52 C.
The thermal water pool is placed in the center of the square, surrounded on three sides by perimeter walls measuring around one and a half meter in height.
There are also buildings designed by Bernardo Rossellino in honor of Pope Pius II and the loggia where Saint Catherine from Siena is said to have stopped.

Terme di San Filippo
Terme di San Filippo is a quiet village located between the Monte Amiata volcano, covered in dense forests, and the sweet hills of Val d'Orcia. Thermal waters have left fascinating traces sculpting remarkable calcareous deposits, which are a characteristic feature of the landscape.
The village stretches upon white calcareous grounds, created by the waters that form peculiar waterfalls over the "Fosso Bianco". Here visitors can enjoy beauty treatments, inhalation therapies, massages, bath and mud bath treatments.
Since the Renaissance, the baths have often been visited by famous personalities, such as Popes and members of the Medici family, but they had already been used by the Romans, as testified by several archaeological remains.
In the 19th century, the therapeutic properties of the waters were ascertained and certified and a health spa was built here. At first, it was small but then several extensions were built and nowadays it is a large modern structure capable of meeting its visitors' needs.
The hyper-thermal waters (52C) contain sulfur, bicarbonate, sodium and are particularly effective in the cure of respiratory disorders.
The Thermal Pool is in the open air, surround by a centuries-old park, in a fascinating secluded area close to the calcareous deposits of Fosso Bianco.
The wide pool with a degrading bottom also has small waterfalls of warm thermal water, which ensure a regenerating and beneficial natural hydro-massage.
The opalescent water and the steam, rising from it during the winter months, bestow an atmosphere of magical beauty.

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