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Mount Amiata

Monte Amiata, TouscanyOn a clear day the smooth but austere outline of Mount Amiata can be seen from as far away as the Chianti hills, the Maremma, the Tyrrhenian sea, the mountains of Lazio and the calm waters of lakes Trasimeno and Bolsena.
With its strong, sharp, outline rising from the gently rolling Tuscan hills, Mount Amiata is situated in a part of Tuscany close to Umbria and the area of Lazio known as Tuscia. Due to the structure of the land, for thousands of years the territory and its people have maintained a particular kind of autonomy.
The flourishing beech woods, the mines, the huge rocks with their bizarre shapes, the abundant springs of cool pure water plus the problems involved in farming the difficult mountain terrain have generated a resilient people, proud of their diversity.

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